Welcome to Bid Boss Clubhouse

A community for international development professionals who want to build authentic connections

Welcome đź‘‹

We're excited to have you here! 🎉🎉🎉

We created this community to give all of you—the impact driven, work-all-hours incredible international development professionals who are craving a way build authentic connections beyond a networking happy hour—a place to meet and learn from each other.

Here in the Bid Boss Clubhouse, our goal is to help you:

  • Meet other folx like you, so that we can all exchange ideas, learn new strategies, and uncover new ways to connect authentically in a safe, inclusive network

  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about how to navigate competing priorities, hone your technical skills, or build soft skills

  • Get answers to the burning questions you just can't Google when it comes to international development careers

  • Find inspiration and get encouragement from your peers. đź’Ş

Ready to dive in?

Join us in the Clubhouse to meet development professionals just like you who are successfully navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

We’re aiming to make your experience here awesome. We want you to get four key things from Bid Boss Clubhouse:

  • Connect and build real relationships with peers in your field (and get beyond those awkward networking happy hours). 
  • Get exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas to support each other in achieving your goals.
  • Find the tools to make your career happier and more sustainable.

The Clubhouse is hosted on Mighty Networks, a simple platform for us to bring together everything that our community has to offer—exclusive content, virtual events, online courses—all in one place. 

Every month you'll find our First Thursday celebrations, a live 1-hour session to learn together, get your questions answered, and connect and share experiences with other Clubhouse members.

We are constantly adding new events and courses, including our signature Emerging Leaders Accelerator program and NEW Remote Facilitation Masterclass.

Join us in the Clubhouse to meet a safe, inclusive, and supportive hub to help you navigate this world.

A Big Thanks

This community would be nothing without our members. A special thank you to those who have been with us since the beginning.